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New look for The Avenue Dentistry

The Avenue Dentistry in Cheadle was recently given a fresh new look, with a new logo and branding. Of course, this meant that the building's signage had to be replaced as well, and we were more than happy to help out.

Outside, the building has two main signs, one to the front comprising of a tray sign and 3D raised lettering to welcome clients as they enter the property, and one to the side of the building to gauge attention from the road.

We also designed and installed a series of acrylic stood-off signs by the entrance, for displaying the business details, as well as the doctors' names.

Inside, we replaced the surgery door signs, with new, brushed aluminium, interchangeable, sliding ones, so they can easily be changed, depending on which doctors are in that day.

We also installed a new acrylic sign to the reception counter, which prominently displayed the new logo.

The new signage has updated the building, giving it a fresh new look. Lovely!

Building Signage

3D tray sign
Tray sign
Acrylic stood-off sign

Interchangeable Door Signs

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